Ex of suspect who allegedly murdered pregnant mom and stole baby says former wife was a habitual liar ‘obsessed with serial killers’

The former husband of a woman accused of killing her North Dakota neighbor and taking her unborn baby from her womb said that his ex, who he only lasted six months with, was a habitual liar obsessed with serial killers.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Brooke Lynn Crews (pictured left), 38, and her live-in boyfriend, William Hoehn, 32, were arrested in August for the murder of Savanna Lafontaine-Greywind (pictured right), 22, a pregnant woman last seen leaving her Fargo apartment on Aug. 19. Savanna’s loved ones told police the victim said she was going to a neighbor’s apartment upstairs to model a wedding dress.

Authorities searched Crews’ and Hoehn’s apartment, located above Savannah’s, several times, but initially came up empty-handed. On Aug. 24, during their 4th search of the apartment, police found Crews holding a baby girl, later identified through DNA testing as Savanna’s child. Savanna was later found deceased, wrapped in a plastic bags and thrown into the Red River in Minneapolis.

The baby girl was taken to a local hospital where she was given a clean bill of health. After another round of DNA testing, she was later given to her biological father.

“I just couldn’t believe it to be honest. I had voiced my concerns about her mental state … but wasn’t expecting that,” Crews’ ex-husband, Andrew Murray, a chef in Katoomba, New South Wales, Australia, said, according to news.com.au. “It sort of shocked me to the bone. It’s been five years and I’d shut a lot of things out, but a lot of stuff has come back now.”

Murray said not only was Crews obsessed with serial killers, but she also lied to him numerous times. Crews moved to Australia in Feb. 2012, but left back for the U.S. in Oct. 2012 after Murray found out she was previously married at least twice and had children, something she never told him when they met and began their relationship online.

“It was all lies, it was all based on lies. I didn’t know she was married in America, didn’t know she had children and then it all started coming out. And I said, ‘Look, I want you to go home and be a mother to your kids.'”

“She studied psychology and nursing and did her thesis on serial killers,” Murray continued. “She was always reading books on serial killers and murders and could tell you anything about them.”

Murray also said Crews told him she lost a baby to miscarriage in 2011 and became depressed that she couldn’t have anymore children. He claimed that she became increasingly aggressive when he confronted Crews on her double life and reminded her that she still had children in the U.S.

“She just got really aggressive and angry that I had found things out. That’s when she started threatening me with the police. I thought, ‘I’m not scared of you, I’ve done nothing wrong.’”

Crews’ behavior disturbed Murray to the point that he had the marriage annulled. Crews initially told him that she filed for divorced, but after researching, he learned that the entire marriage was based on lies after Crews provided a false maiden name (her maiden name is Doolen) and falsified her immigration papers. Murray said he contacted police in Crews’ hometown of Fargo, but that authorities didn’t seem to care.

“I rang the police in North Dakota one night. They just didn’t care. I also went to Sydney and spoke to police about the falsified information. They said they would hand it to the federal police.”

Murray feels that if authorities had looked more thoroughly into Crews, the tragedy could have been prevented. Yet, at this point, he said he simply feels lucky that he trusted his instincts and got her out of his life when he did.

When Crews returned to the U.S., she started a bitter custody battle with her former husband, Carl Crews, then eventually met Hoehn, a convict with child neglect and abuse charges on his criminal record.

Both Crews and Hoehn face charges of kidnapping and conspiracy to murder. They remain behind bars without bail. Hoehn’s trial is scheduled to begin in March 2018. He previously pleaded “not guilty.” According to Inforum, Crews, who also pleaded not guilty, plans to change her plea on Dec. 11.

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