Girlfriend slices off boyfriend’s penis and then pretends he kidnapped her: Cops

Police serving the Dominican Republic arrested a woman and accused her of drugging her boyfriend, slicing his penis off and then concocting an elaborate story in which she was the victim, as reported by The Sun.

Johanny Diaz, 29, was staying at a cabin with boyfriend Samuel Ventura Garcia, 44, when investigators alleged the horrific event occurred. Police have suggested that it started with a relationship-ending argument, and that’s, authorities alleged, when she sprinkled an unknown substance in his drink, drugging him, and proceeded to slice off his penis when he fell unconscious, according to Mirror UK.

Diaz fled the Puerto Plata cabin, but was easily apprehended by members of the Dominican Republic National Police.

The 29-year-old, however, told police that she was the victim, telling them he had kidnapped her, forcing her to be with him, and had been abusive in the past.

“I do not regret it because he threatened many times to kill me,” she said, reciting a claim that the victim’s brother has refuted.

Doctors have said that they expect Garcia to make a full recovery, thanks to the cabin being near a hospital.

“The surgery we carried out was risky, the patient was helped by his age and arriving within twelve hours,” a doctor told Diaro Libre. “If he hadn’t, the the prognosis wouldn’t have been favorable.”

This is an active investigation and, as of this writing, police have not announced if they believe Diaz’s story about a relationship filled with abuse or Garcia’s brother, which indicates an opposite scenario.

[Featured Image: Twitter/screenshot]