Drunk mom forces dirty, hungry kids to live in garbage-filled home and ‘state of complete filth’: Cops

Ohio police arrested a woman after accusing her of forcing her children to live in filth, as reported by WKYC.

Officers were called to the home of Samaria Kyle, 25, and were not prepared for what they found there. Kyle, mother to four children, was so drunk that she could barely speak, investigators noted, and her home was absolutely filthy.

Kyle’s children, who range in age from seven months to seven years, were allegedly forced to live in “deplorable conditions,” with police noting there was garbage everywhere and that the kids looked “disheveled, dirty, and appearing to be hungry.”

Authorities also alleged that the mattresses were unkempt and the entire domicile was in a “state of complete filth,” as reported by ABC 5. Cops also said there was a lit cigarette burning near the door, having nearly spread to a shirt, a situation that could have turned deadly.

An unnamed neighbor made the call to Parma Heights Police, after they allegedly found the mom passed out on the ground with her children surrounding her, screaming. After reviving her, Kyle admitted that she had imbibed “a few drinks,” a police report has indicated. This report also noted that she blew a BAC of .254.

The 25-year-old faces four counts of child endangerment and one count of disturbing the peace. She was released on a $375 bond, according to Cleveland.com. She had previously been arrested for operating a vehicle while under the influence. The children’s grandparents have taken custody of the four kids.

[Featured Image: Samaria Kyle/Parma Heights Police]