WATCH: Woman caught on tape trying to hire hit man to kill husband because ‘it was easier than divorcing him’

A Michigan woman was caught on camera plotting with a hit man to end her husband’s life and was sentenced to up to 20 years in prison for it.

Julia Merfeld, 21, decided to hire a hit man in the spring of 2013 to kill her husband because, as she unwittingly told an undercover detective, “it was easier than divorcing him.”

Merfeld first reportedly went to a co-worker and offered him $50,000 to kill the father of her two children, but the co-worker instead went to police and told them about the proposition, according to a report by Mlive at the time.

Soon, an undercover detective contacted Merfeld and they set up a meeting. The two met twice before the young bride was arrested, and both meetings were recorded.

In the videos, Merfeld is seen sitting in the vehicle of who she thought was the hit man. She casually talks with the man about how and where she would like her husband murdered. Initially, she said wanted it to take place outside the home because killing him in the house “would be messy,” and she wanted to have a roommate move in after he was dead.

She stressed to the undercover detective that she didn’t want him to suffer, but she also didn’t want to break his heart or face judgment from her family by getting a divorce.

Merfeld was arrested soon after the second meeting. She pleaded guilty to the charge of solicitation to murder in June 2013.

Her husband asked the judge not to sentence her to any jail time. He called her a “wonderful” and “godly” woman and told the court that he had forgiven her, Mlive reported.

“I know that this is a crime that is on the top of the list of the most, I guess, evil, non-godly things you could probably do. But I know my wife, I’ve been with her for four years, known her for five, and I know she is a godly person. After talking to her, she is very repentive of the sins she has committed.”

Before giving out the sentence, the judge said that the court “isn’t here to forgive or not forgive.”

She is currently serving out her sentence at Women’s Hurron Valley Correctional Facility.

[Feature photo: Michigan Department of Corrections]