Audience of thousands watch in horror as stage collapses at music festival killing DJ Kaleb Freitas [Video]

A Brazilian DJ died yesterday afternoon at a festival in South America when the stage he was performing on collapsed.

DJ Kaleb Freitas was performing at the Atmosphere music festival in Esteio, Brazil when strong wind caused the stage he was on to collapse and be hit with debris, according to a report by The Record.

He was taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead from fatal head injuries, CBS News reports. Others on and near the stage were hospitalized but the exact number is unclear.

The organizers of the festival posted a statement on Facebook yesterday addressing the tragedy.

“We always cherish the safety of our attendees, following all the processes, reports and authorizations requested by the local authorities…we lost a friend, an artist. Our priority is to assist the wounded and their families.”

One festival-goer posted on Facebook that a great day turned horrifying very quickly.

“A beautiful day, everyone happy … and in a matter of seconds everything changes, only those who where there know how horrible it was.”

Videos of the accident show storm clouds brewing overhead as strong winds begin to tear the stage apart with the DJ still performing.

Following the accident, Freitas’ Facebook page is filled with tributes and remembrances from fans all around the world.

One fan posted a petition to pass legislation that would be known as “Kaleb Law”, which would make it illegal to hold large outdoor events of over 5,000 people if there is an official storm forecast.

[Feature Photo: Kaleb Freitas/Facebook]