Cop fighting to keep job after pornographic videos surface, accuses attorney of sexual misconduct

A New Jersey sheriff’s deputy who has been fighting to keep her job after pornographic videos of her surfaced online has accused a county attorney of sexual misconduct, as reported by

Kristen Hyman, 30, alleged that county attorney Robert Pompliano, 70, sexually harassed her while she was on leave from the police academy, following a leg injury, stating that he moved his hand up her thigh and attempted to kiss her.

“Mr. Pompliano made a sexual advance against my client, touched her, kissed her, and she rebuffed him,” her lawyer, Doug Anton, wrote in a motion letter published by New York Post. “For that he has jumped all over this opportunity to get her fired.”

On that note, Hyman has stated that after she denied his advances, Pompliano retaliated by getting the Hudson County Sheriff’s Department involved, filing disciplinary charges against the deputy officer.

As previously reported by CrimeOnline, Hudson County Sheriff Frank Schillari originally stated that the disciplinary charges filed against Hyman were to “protect the integrity of the department.” Anton argued that Schillari did not make this “push” to discipline Hyman until urged to do so by Pompliano.

This all started when videos surfaced that portrayed the 30-year-old as a dominatrix called “Domina Nyx.” Hyman dismissed these videos as “stupid stuff I did when I was a kid,” noting that she stopped making them over five years ago.

Hyman has remained on paid leave, pending an official probe into her past in the pornographic industry. Her lawyer has also alleged that the police have known about Pompliano’s tendencies “for some time,” citing two complaints allegedly issued by female officers. He has not responded for comment.

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