Jorge Alejandro Cruz de Armas

Good Samaritan spots sexual assault incident while passing by, helps rescue duct-taped victim, catch predator: Police

A California man helped stop a rapist in the act while on his way to work Monday afternoon.

Taylor O’Neill was making his way to work when he came across a white pickup truck blocking his way. He honked at the truck a few times but it didn’t move so he got out and walked over to the window. When he came to the window, he saw a man attempting to rape a woman inside, according to Fox 5 San Diego.

“I saw her with her face duct-taped and him on top of her choking her. That’s when I tried to open the door and banged on the window to get her out of there, get her safe, and deal with him later.”

O’Neill’s actions allowed the 28-year-old victim to unlock the truck door and escape.

As her rapist was fleeing the scene, O’Neill was able to snap a picture of the license plate on the truck. He then stayed with the victim, who was “really scared,” until police arrived.

Taylor O'Neill

Police used the picture to track down the rapist, later identified as Jorge Alejandro Cruz de Armas, 27. Cruz de Armas was arrested Wednesday night at his place of work.

He is expected to face charges of suspicion of assault with intent to rape and attempted rape by force or fear.

Cpl. Anthony Bertagna with the Santa Ana Police said that the victim willingly got into Cruz de Armas’ truck, but when she refused to have sex with him, he tried to rape her, Daily Mail reports.

“On Monday at about 4.30pm, De Armas contacted the victim and offered her a ride. The victim accepted the offer and willingly entered his vehicle. Moments later, De Armas asked the victim if she wanted to have sex with him and she refused. De Armas drove the victim to an alley in the 1600 block of East Palm Street in Santa Ana where he attacked the victim. De Armas began to strangle the victim and covered her mouth with duct tape.”

Bertagna said the victim may have passed out during the incident because she did not remember having duct tape on her mouth.

[Feature Photo: Jorge Alejandro Cruz de Armas/Santa Ana Police Department]