Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock shot himself in the mouth: Autopsy report

The coroner has not released the full autopsy report for Paddock or the victims, but gave a statement to media outlets

The gunman responsible for the deadliest shooting massacre in modern U.S. history committed suicide by shooting himself in the mouth after opening fire on a Las Vegas crowd on October 1, killing 58 people, the coroner has reported.

The Clark County, Nevada, coroner released a statement Thursday night confirming Stephen Paddock’s cause and manner of death.  Coroner John Fudenberg told the Associate Press that Paddock’s death had been confirmed as a suicide, and that he died after putting a gun in his mouth and pulling the trigger.

The Clark County official Twitter account posted a message on Wednesday night announcing the coroner’s findings.

The Associated Press and USA Today obtained an overview of the autopsy reports for all 58 of Paddock’s victims, who all died of gunshot wounds. All 58 deaths were ruled as homicides.

According to USA Today, the coroner’s office release did not include the full autopsy report for Paddock or the victims. Of those killed by Paddock, 36 died of chest and back wounds and 21 suffered gunshot wounds to the head. One victim reportedly died after being shot in the leg.

In an interview with the Las Vegas Review-Journal on Wednesday, FBI Special Agent in Charge Aaron Rouse told reporters that the FBI plans to release a full report of the investigation by October 1, 2018, the first anniversary of the massacre.

“Now that’s a long time for some people, but speaking for the FBI, that’s light speed, all right?” he reportedly said.

Rouse also told reporters that investigators have not determined a motive for the mass shooting, and said it’s possible they ” may never know” what motivated the attack. Rouse also said he is confident that Paddock acted alone.

“I believe that there is one person and one person alone to blame for what happened on One October, and that is Stephen Paddock,” Rouse said.


[Feature image: Associated Press]