‘I’m not imagining all these symptoms’: Mom claims flu shot left her with severe rashes, blind in one eye and with multiple sclerosis

A Washington mom who got an annual flu shot claims it left with a severe rash on her face, blind in one eye, and with multiple sclerosis.

DailyMail reports that Jennifer Whitney, of Mukilteo, said that she although she was concerned with possible side effects associated with the flu shot, she got one anyway at the insistence of her employer. She claimed her boss then “let her go” when she had to take too many days off to recover from the reported devastating effects she developed from the shot.

“Some people tell me that I must be imagining it because they believe vaccines are safe, but that’s not the case,” Whitney told DailyMail. “I’m not imagining all these symptoms and I’m certainly not imagining how well I used to be. Whether I’ll ever be that well again, I don’t know.”

The shot. according to Whitney, left her blind for 10 months, unable to have more children, and with multiple sclerosis. She said during a two-year battle following the flu shot, her brain attacked her immune system and she’s sure it wouldn’t have happened had she never gotten the vaccination.

“As the manager, I felt pressured into setting an example to the other employees. My boss encouraged everyone to get it. “

Whitney said just days after getting the shot, she started experiencing unbearable headaches, followed by extreme dizziness and weakness. Shortly after, she underwent an MRI test that revealed she had numerous lesions on her brain and had developed multiple sclerosis. Later, she became blind in one eye for almost a year.

“I was so shocked. I’m a really healthy person and had never been off sick from work,” Whitney told DailyMail. “To have suddenly developed a serious, untreatable and incurable illness practically overnight was hard for me to comprehend.”

I worry for my children; for OUR children. The disabilities and injuries we as a society cause them and leave them to…

Posted by Jennifer Whitney on Friday, December 22, 2017


Things got worse when she started on multiple sclerosis medication. She said a negative reaction to the medication Gilleniya, which reportedly caused blisters, rashes, hair loss, and a life-threatening blood clot. Whitney started looking into the side effects of the flu shot and is now convinced it left her with poor health and caused her medical issues.

Dr Mary Ramsay, Head of Immunization at PHE in the UK, however, said that the vaccinations are relatively safe, despite Whitney’s claims.

“The UK flu vaccination programme has an excellent safety record and protects millions of children and adults against flu and prevents its spread to the most vulnerable in the community.”

“Every year, millions of people in the UK are vaccinated against flu and an illness occurring after vaccination does not necessarily mean the vaccine was the cause,” and MHRA spokesperson added. “MS is a condition that occurs naturally. Several large studies have found no evidence of an association between vaccination, including flu vaccines, and development of MS.”

Died of the flu; healthy 44 year old woman- had a flu shot just last week.. died of pneumonia and “flu-like symptoms”….. HEELLLLOOO…..

Posted by Jennifer Whitney on Friday, December 22, 2017


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention received so many questions and concerns about the flu shot that it created a “misconceptions Q&A page.”

It’s unclear whether Whitney plans to file a lawsuit, but she indicated during her research that she learned that flu shot lawsuits brought about the most compensation in “vaccine court.” She also claimed her physician told her he was scared to tell the truth about the vaccination since he afraid he would get killed for talking to the media.

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