York County Sheriffs Department

Elderly couple who transported over $300K of marijuana ‘Christmas gifts’ are parents of a well-known prosecutor

The parents of a Vermont prosecutor were arrested last week after police found them transporting 60 pounds of marijuana they planned to give out as Christmas gifts.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Patrick Jiron, 83, and his wife, Barbara, 70, from Clearlake Oaks, California, were pulled over in York, Nebraska on December 19. The sheriff’s deputies who pulled them over said the truck was swerving and failing to signal.

After approaching the vehicle, police “detected the odor of raw marijuana coming from the vehicle,” according to USA Today.

The 83-year-old driver consented to a search of the truck, and the deputies found the marijuana under a cover in the back. A photo of the seized evidence shows the massive amounts of pot stored in over 25 clear plastic bags and at least one empty bulk-sized container of cheese puffs.

Police say the marijuana is worth over $300,000.

Both Patrick and Barbara were cited on suspicion of possessing marijuana with the intent to deliver.

The couple reportedly told police they didn’t realize it was illegal to transport the drugs across Nebraska. Marijuana is legalized in California as well as in Massachusetts and Vermont, where the couple was reportedly heading to deliver the gifts.

According to the Burlington Free Press, Justin Jiron, the couple’s son, is┬áthe chief deputy Chittenden County state’s attorney. His boss, Chittenden County State’s Attorney Sarah George, said in an email Tuesday that Justin had nothing to do with the allegations.

“Justin is in no way connected to this allegation other than by relation. Justin is and has been a dedicated public servant for over 15 years, and I assure you he is as surprised and upset about these allegations as anyone.”

Jiron is a well-respected attorney in the state and has successfully prosecuted a number of high-profile cases, including the 2006 murder of University of Vermont student Michelle Gardner-Quinn.

[Feature Photo: York County Sheriff’s Department]