Flight carrying model Chrissy Teigen turns around after 8 hours because of a passenger who did not belong on the plane: Report

A passenger on a flight from Los Angeles to Tokyo somehow managed to board the plane with a ticket for another airline, forcing a turnaround eight hours into the international flight.

Model Chrissy Teigen was on the All Nippon Airways flight that departed from LAX on Tuesday, and live-tweeted the mysterious ordeal.

According to a statement from the airline obtained by KTLA, a flight attendant realized about four hours into the trip that a passenger was on the plane who did not belong there. After the pilots were notified, the airline decided to turn the plane around and return to LAX.

Teigen, who had a popular Twitter account, live-tweeted the drama from the plane, stoking suspicions about them mysterious passenger on the flight.

ANA told KTLA that the stowaway passenger was not a security issue, and reportedly apologized to the passengers who were inconvenienced.

According to Teigen, police interviewed those passengers who were sitting near the passenger who had incorrectly boarded the flight.

The FBI reportedly told KTLA that the agency is investigating the incident, and that no arrests have been made at this time.

[Feature image: Associated Press]