Kelly Emery

Mom who gave tot methadone to ‘knock him out’ while she smoked crack dies from overdose

A drug-addicted mother who unintentionally killed her toddler by giving him drugs died from an overdose herself in October.

Kelly Emery, 36, was found guilty of manslaughter after her two-year-old son Fenton Hogan died of an overdose, Daily Mail reports.

The mother initially insisted that she didn’t intentionally give Fenton the drug, but that she left it out and he found it. It was later proved in court that Fenton ingested the methadone after she gave it to him to “knock him out” so she could smoke crack.

When Fenton was brought to the hospital, he had no obvious injuries. Blood testing showed that when he died, the toddler had as much of the drug in his system as an adult on methadone maintenance therapy.

Results from hair testing showed that Fenton ingested the drug at least two times before in the months leading to his death.

Emery was sentenced to six years in prison, though she only spent two of those behind bars. She was found face-down in her boyfriend’s bedroom a month after being released from jail. Paramedics revived her twice after she suffered from cardiac arrest as a result of a drug overdose.

Emery suffered a third attack in the ambulance on the way to the hospital and was pronounced dead. Analysis showed that she died from morphine toxicity.

Lynn Wheeldon, the mother of Fenton’s father, said that the family isn’t mourning Emery’s death, according to The Sun.

“We’re feeling a bit weird about the whole thing but relieved because she killed my grandson so I’m not going to shed a tear. Michael is also relieved because of what happened to Fenton as obviously he was his child and she killed him.”

[Feature Photo: Kelly Emery/Police Handout]