‘Neo-Nazi’ teen who shot girlfriend’s parents mowed a 40 feet swastika in field prior to the killings, says neighbors

A teen who allegedly killed his girlfriend’s parents on Friday apparently mowed a large swastika sign into a field a few months before the killings, according to neighbors.

Washington Post reports that neighbors indicated that the 17-year-old suspect left tire tracks from a riding mower that led from his home to a field where a 40-feet swastika was mowed into a community field for all to see. Neighbors debated whether they should contact the police, but ultimately decided to let the incident go.

Two months later, the teen, who remains unnamed due to his age, crept into his girlfriend’s home in Reston and killed her parents, Scott Fricker, 48, and Buckley Kuhn-Fricker, 43. The girl’s parents reportedly forbade their daughter from seeing the boy after learning that he was an alleged neo-Nazi spreading hateful messages throughout the community. The suspect attempted to kill himself afterward, but failed. He’s now in critical condition at a local hospital.

After learning of the incident, resident Penny Potter opened up about the mowed swastika in hopes that it will serve as a warning sign to others before tragedy occurs.

“We live in a very safe neighborhood where kids can ride their bikes and not worry about anything. For the first time, I was fearful that there was someone living in our neighborhood who was capable of incredibly irrational behavior. If you see something that makes you say ‘Huh,’ just call police. They can tell you if it’s appropriate.”

Residents grouped together to discuss the swastika and instead of calling authorities, they decided to send someone over to the teen’s house to talk with his parents. The parents reportedly admitted that their son mowed the hate sign and acknowledged that he was having issues. They claimed they were getting the boy treatment for his issues. With that, the neighbors didn’t phone the police, but it’s a decision that some of them now regret.

Posted by Buckley Kuhn Fricker on Friday, February 3, 2017


The Fricker family was extremely worried about their daughter’s involvement with the teen, to the point that they called officials at the private school the teens attended to report the suspect’s alleged neo-Nazi obsession. They also staged an intervention for their daughter and asked her to break off the relationship, which she reluctantly but ultimately agreed to, according to her grandmother, Janet Kuhn.

The Murders

On early Friday morning, the Frickers heard noise in their daughter’s bedroom at around 5 a.m.. When they walked in to check on her, they spotted her boyfriend inside the room with her, according to Kuhn. The teen allegedly pulled out a gun when Scott Fricker confronted him and shot both parents.

Fairfax County police said they would not confirm or deny Kuhn’s version of events, nor would they say how the teen obtained a gun. Police spokesperson, Julie Parker, said they couldn’t comment on the case at this time given the teen’s age.

Scott Fricker was employed by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, while Buckley Kuhn-Fricker was an author and a lawyer, specializing in elder care cases. In 2005, she opened a home business, Buckley’s For Seniors.

It’s unclear whether the teen will be charged as an adult. Check back with CrimeOnline as additional information becomes available.

[Featured image: Scott Fricker, Buckley Kuhn-Fricker/Facebook]