‘Scared’ pregnant woman found murdered after cops blow off frantic 911 call: Report

The responding officers allegedly drove by the home but never got out of the car

A young woman in Brooklyn was found dead after NYPD cops allegedly blew off a 911 call from her sister, claiming her husband was a threat to her.

The New York Post reports that Tonie Wells, 22, was found strangled in her Crown Heights home on Wednesday. She was reportedly found at the bottom of a stairwell, and authorities suspect her husband, Barry Wells, strangled her and pushed her down the stairs.

Tonie’s sister had previously called 911 to report that her sister, who was eight months pregnant, was “scared” of her husband. Two NYPD officers were dispatched to the scene, but neglected to get out of the patrol car and check on the woman in her home.

Those two NYPD officers have been suspended. It is not clear what day or time Tonie’s sister called 911 or what, if anything, the officers observed when they drove to the home.

After a brief search, Barry Wells has reportedly been arrested.

Neighbors reportedly called police on Wednesday after they heard cries from the couple’s toddler and the sound of someone or something falling down the stairs, a police source told the New York Post.

According to the report, police have responded to one other domestic call at the home, but it is not clear at this time if that is the same report made by the victim’s sister before she was found dead.

Neighbors told the newspaper they were shocked by the violent tragedy.

“I would see them together. She was nice. He was always pleasant. This is a very quiet block, I didn’t hear anything today. I’m still in shock,” neighbor Michelle Ruiz told the New York Post.

“I would never think in a million years something like this would happen.”

This is a developing story and will be updated as more information becomes available.

[Feature image: Facebook/Tonie Wells]