Guns, ammunition found in Houston hotel room: Police

Houston police arrested a man who reportedly had guns and ammunition stocked away in his downtown hotel room.

CBS reports that according to Houston Police Department spokesman Victor Cintillas, an officer at the Hyatt Regency hotel in downtown Houston was alerted by management that a guest at the hotel, identified 49-year-old Russell Ziemba,  was being aggressive toward other guests. He appeared drunk and was asked several times to return to his room, but he allegedly refused.

As he continued to act belligerent, management asked him to leave the hotel while an off-duty officer on site escorted him to his room to get his belongings, while requesting “urgent backup.” The officer spotted several firearms and ammunition in the room, but noted it was “not a whole lot.”

Police have yet to say the type of firearms and ammunition that was confiscated, nor have they released a possible motive. Ziemba, however, reportedly told police he brought the guns and ammunition to the hotel so they wouldn’t get stolen.

The suspect was arrested and charged with trespassing and assaulting a Peace Officer. Authorities are now saying that they don’t feel Ziemba planned to use the weapons, but warn the public to be aware of their surroundings this evening as the new year nears.

[Feature Photo: Russell Ziemba/Houston PD]