Colorado shooter recorded disturbing live video feed before firing 100 shots at officers, killing one

The gunman accused of killing Colorado officer Zackari Parish apparently recorded himself live on Periscope for hours before the deadly shooting that left one dead and others injured on Sunday.

KUSA reports that gunman Matthew Riehl, 37, recorded several live videos with profanity and nonsensical ramblings. On the second video, he complained about his roommate before calling police and announcing the roommate verbally abused him.

‘I’m sorry, maybe I bought over 1,000 rounds of ammunition at Walmart. It’s not illegal. So if anybody bothers me, that’s why I’ve have a couple scotches,” the gunman said while live on the app. “Matt, Matt, I thought we were lovers. Are you kicking me out? I thought we had a relationship. Are you kicking me out tonight, Matthew? I thought we had something going the two of us, Matthew. Are you kicking me out now after you used me up?”

“I’ll murder you in self-defense. Self-defense, Matthew. Don’t be crazy now. Go to bed….Thought we had a relationship, Matthew. What’s going on? I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have used the ‘M’ word, but I’m so angry. I’m so angry, Matthew.”

Riehl then called 911 and reported a fight with his roommate, but the roommate had already made a call himself to report the same incident, according to Douglas County Sheriff Tony Spurlock. Given the second call by Riehl, authorities considered it a mental health issue.

“This guy invited me to his house, uhh, he was kind of like move in and he like totally freaked out on me,” Riehl said during his 911 call. “And he was coming at me. And OK, I’m worried about his health,” Riehl said during his 911 call. “He didn’t know what year it was.”

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Two Douglas County officers arrived at the Copper Canyon Apartments in Highland Ranch, and Riehl immediately turned on Periscope again. After screaming for the officers to identify themselves, the gunman walked outside to talk to the officers, who informed him that the county’s civil division would need to handle the situation since no physical violence between Riehl and the roommate occurred.

He’s still banging,” Riehl said while live on Periscope after he walked back into his apartment. “Go away, I’m fine. I’m wonderful. Goodnight. Goodnight. Sleep well. Goodnight.”

At around 5:30 a.m. another call came in to police, and when they arrived, Riehl allowed them into the apartment, but immediately locked himself in his bedroom and began shooting at them, killing Parish and injuring three fellow deputies. A SWAT team arrived at around 7:30 a.m. to aid the deputies. Riehl was shot and killed in the process.

Portions of several other videos recorded on the night in question are disclosed at this time, according to Spurlock, due to the active, ongoing investigation.

[Feature Photo: Matthew Riehl/Periscope]