Father of 10 dies in subway track fall after teen punches him: Police

New York City police have arrested a teenager and charged him with punching an elderly man to his death on the subway platform, as reported by the New York Daily News

Edward Cordero, 18, has been charged with manslaughter after Jacinto Suarez, 65, died after the out-of-control teen allegedly attacked him.

Cordero, who is believed to be mentally ill, was reportedly ranting about God and the devil on Wednesday afternoon when he allegedly sucker punched the 65-year-old, causing the man to fall to the subway tracks below.

That’s when, police noted, he had a massive heart attack and died.

“He approached the 65-year-old man, and the male tells him to get away,” NYPD Assistant Chief Vincent Coogan told reporters.

“The suspect walks away, then turned back and punched him.”

Cordero’s sister, Daribel Lugones, told NY Daily News that he refused to take medications that were prescribed for his mental illness.

“He was supposed to be on three different medications but he’s run out and refuses to get more,” she said, through tears.

Lugones also described a recent string of incidents in which the 18-year-old is alleged to have cut her with a Christmas ornament and injured her cat.

“He doesn’t go to school. He attacks members of our family,” she said.

“He was here last night. He was screaming ‘The devil is alive’ all night long.”

After being arrested, Cordero was defiant as police led him to the station, according to another report by NY Daily News.

“Who died?” he said, walking heavily through the snow. “Mind your f—ing business.”

“No, I don’t have to say nothing to you.”

The victim’s daughter, Tylenea Gonzalez, just wants to see justice served for her father, who left behind ten children and 13 grandchildren.

“My dad don’t bother nobody. I don’t know why anybody would do that to him. He went, he came home. I’m not gonna have him here anymore.”

[Featured Image: Twitter/screenshot]