Little boy starts grandfather’s car by accident, runs over woman [VIDEO]

A 7-year-old Chinese boy accidentally slammed the gas on his grandfather’s car, running over a woman, according to this shocking video unearthed by Daily Mail.

The female pedestrian had actually already been knocked down to the ground by the boy’s grandfather before the second accident occurred, which you can see in the below dashcam video, taken on December 27 and uploaded to Chinese social network Pear Video.

It starts when the unnamed grandfather gets out of the car and tries to help the woman. That’s when the 7-year-old boy, also unnamed, can be seen accidentally stepping on the car’s gas pedal, running her over again. The grandfather and another pedestrian look on, in shock, jumping over the woman’s body.

The accident looks deadly but, miraculously, the pedestrian was not seriously injured, reports indicated. The video shows the grandfather running to the car, checking up on the boy, but then rushing back to the aid of the injured woman.

Chinese authorities have not specified, however, the exact nature of the woman’s injuries, despite her status being listed as stable. Additionally, it is unclear if the grandfather will face any legal travails due to both accidents.

This isn’t the first time a child has attempted to operate a vehicle with disastrous results.

A 4-year-old boy stole his parent’s car to try to drive his 6-year-old brother to a video arcade last year and ended up pinning him underneath the automobile, as reported by CrimeOnline

The 6-year-old was injured, receiving eye surgery, though his family has stated that he is on the mend.

[Featured Image: Daily Mail/Pear Video]