Commercial flight makes unexpected landing after passenger leaves disgusting mess in both bathrooms

An airline was forced to divert a flight, making an unexpected landing, after a passenger ruined both bathrooms due to extreme defecation, as reported by ABC 7.

United Airlines flight 895 from Chicago to Hong Kong was forced to make a pit stop in Alaska, diverting to Ted Stevens International Airport, on Thursday night.

The reason? A passenger defecated all over two of the bathrooms of a Boeing 777, rendering them both useless.

The unidentified man is said to have smeared his excrement all over walls of the bathroom and even removed his shirt in an attempt to clog up one of the toilets, as reported by New York Post

Once the flight was grounded, airline staff gave the entire airplane a thorough cleaning, from top to bottom, starting at the soiled bathrooms. The cleaning process, however, forced each of the flight’s passengers to spend the night in Alaska.

“United flight 895, traveling from Chicago to Hong Kong, diverted to Anchorage last night due to a disruptive passenger,” the airline wrote in a statement. “We provided hotel accommodations for our customers and are working to get them to their destinations as quickly as possible.”

According to airport police, the alleged bathroom-destroyer cooperated with United Airlines staff and was escorted into police custody.

Authorities announced that the alleged perpetrator has been taken to Providence Hospital to undergo a psychological evaluation and no charges have been placed at this time. The disgusting incident is being investigated by both airport police and the FBI.

[Featured image: Wikimedia]