Logan Paul beefs up security at L.A. estate after posting video of dead body in ‘suicide forest’: Report

Logan Paul has reportedly hired additional security to monitor his multimillion-dollar Los Angeles home amid backlash for posting a video of what appeared to be a dead body on his popular YouTube channel.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Paul, who is a popular vlogger with an audience of primarily teens and tweens, posted a video segment earlier this month during a trip to¬†Aokigahara in Japan, which is known as a “suicide forest” because of how frequently people take their own lives there. In the since-deleted video, Paul and his companions spot what appears to be a recently deceased man hanging from a tree.

The video, titled “We found a body in the Japanese suicide forest,” was reportedly viewed six million times before it was taken down.

Paul has since apologized twice on social media and said via Twitter on January 3 that he would be suspending his vlog.

The Daily Mail reports that Paul has added an additional security detail at his $6.55-million mansion in the Rancho Estate area of Los Angeles. A car for an unnamed security company was seen in the driveway of the seven-bedroom, nine-bathroom home a day after Paul emerged for the first time since the New Year’s weekend controversy.

The Daily Mail photographed Paul going for a run in Los Angeles, noting that the multimillionaire social media star looked “visibly upset,” though he may just have been concentrating on his workout.

The suicide video was not the first time Paul has published sensationally violent content on his YouTube channel. The Sun reports that in March, Paul shot a video from inside his home, while his fans stood outside, using fake blood to create the impression he had just been shot while standing before a large window.

“What I’m about to do today is wrong but, at the same time, it’s so right,” Paul reportedly said in the intro to the video.


[Feature image: Associated Press/Logan Paul]