Here are a few of the ways people honored police on Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

Many Americans celebrated Law Enforcement Appreciation Day on Tuesday, showcasing their support for cops in a variety of ways.

Words of thanks for men and women in law enforcement flooded Twitter from public and private citizens alike.

Unlike some of the novelty holidays that spark social media hashtags and little else, however, much of that support played out in acts of kindness.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution compiled a list of ways citizens can show appreciation, including a simple act encouraged by police advocacy groups across the U.S.

Wearing blue is commonly observed as a show of support for law enforcement.

Scott Minier of the Indiana Sheriffs’ Youth Ranch is one leader who called on supporters to make a statement with their wardrobe, according to WEHT.

“We’re asking our volunteers and donors to take time to say ‘thank you for your service’ when coming into contact with their local sheriff and deputies, chief of police and officers, as well as area state troopers,” he said.

Displaying a blue porch light is another way people frequently broadcast their support for police.

Among the other steps individuals are encouraged to take are writing letters or making financial donations to local agencies and sharing stories on social media of positive experiences with law enforcement.

As police have been criticized recently for perceived injustices, Americans are also encouraged to engage in an open and honest dialogue with local law enforcement officers.

WEHT’s list included many of the same options, punctuated by one final recommendation: “Most important, if you see a police officer, thank a police officer.”

[Featured image: Miami Police Department/Twitter]