Missing Texas journalist Courtney Roland was disoriented, looking for her cell phone: Report

Courtney Roland misplaced her cell phone and didn’t realize people were looking for her

The woman who was the subject of a brief missing persons search before in Houston being found unharmed but disoriented was reportedly looking for her cell phone while her friends and family were searching for her, unaware that they had filed a missing persons report.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, local sports journalist Courtney Roland, 29, went missing shortly after texting her roommate that a strange man in a blue truck had followed her home from Wal-Mart late Saturday night. Police found her Monday morning in or near a Houston-area Chick-fil-A where she had reportedly requested a cup of water.

Authorities said Roland appeared to be unharmed, but was confused and had bruises on her body she could not explain. Police reportedly do not suspect foul play, and believe that Roland became disoriented because of a reaction to medication she was taking. Roland was taken to a hospital for evaluation, and as of Monday was still having trouble with her memory, according to local reports.

The strange circumstances of Roland’s disappearance have led to speculation on social media, with some questioning whether Roland may have intentionally gone into hiding. Local reporters have worked to dispel the unfounded rumors.

A reporter for Fox 26 Houston offered new details about Roland’s disappearance in a Twitter response to someone questioning the nature of her disappearance. According to the reporter, Roland had been searching for her misplaced cell phone which was later found in her car.

Roland’s missing cell phone and her reported plans to buy an iPad to track it may explain an earlier reported detail, that Courtney’s mother received a strange text from her phone that read: “hello the owner of this phone Courtney. I am buying an iPad.”

Police have so far not commented on Roland’s claims about a man following her home, but according to all available information Roland was alone when she was found.

[Feature image: Facebook/Courtney Roland]