Mistress sues the WIFE of her secret boyfriend for threatening to ‘break her legs and disfigure her’: Report

A New York real estate broker says she was threatened with violent harm by the wife of her lover, as well as the wife’s family members. In turn, the mistress filed a $5 million lawsuit in court this week, for mental and emotional distress.

New York Post reports that Manhattan broker Alice Bahar (pictured), 37, met fellow broker and landlord Abraham Sanieoff at one of his West Village rental properties, where she claims he pursued a relationship with her first. Bahar said she wasn’t interested initially because she knew Sanieoff was married, but eventually, the pair got together, even sharing a secret home on Grove St. in the West Village neighborhood of Manhattan.

Sanieoff’s wife, Charlet Sanieoff, 35, apparently found out about the affair, and according to the lawsuit, made physical threats against Bahar. According to court documents, Bahar alleged that Charlet threatened physical harm after learning that her husband bought the mistress jewelry. Bahar allegedly recorded a series of threats on at least one occasion.

“Trust me when I tell you, you have 24 hours. One day, one day left to give me back every single gift. Write it down you dumb bitch …. If it’s not in my hands in one day, one day I will give him the order to break both of your mother-f—ing legs. …. He’ll just make it look like an accident. He’ll just make it look like you fell down a flight of stairs. You can run, you can hide, my team is watching you.”

Charlet is also accused of enlisting the help of family members to intimidate and threaten Bahar, including her mother and brother. Allegedly, the family members threatened to “destroy her life and do something to her face so she could never look the same,” according to the lawsuit.

Bahar’s lawyer Robert Hantman, said that his client readily admits that she made a mistake and had an affair with Abraham Sanieoff . The issue, according to Hantman, is his wife “sending the most threatening messages you can imagine.”

Authorities arrested the wife for the threats in March, and four months later, Bahar obtained a restraining order against her. Yet, after the wife stopped bothering Bahar for around six months, authorities dropped the harassment charges. Bahar, however, thinks that Charlet should be held accountable for causing “extreme mental and emotional distress.”

“Nothing was actually my fault,” Bahar said to The Post. “I had to go through a difficult time because of these people. They never left me alone.”

Abraham and Charlet Sanieoff, still married, have yet to publicly comment on the lawsuit.

The story is still developing. Check back with CrimeOnline as additional details become available.

WARNING: Graphic Language


[Feature Photo: Alice Bahar/Facebook]