Alleged stalker claims he’s Taylor Swift’s boyfriend, wants to buy gun to ‘protect her’: Police

New Hampshire authorities are warning singer Taylor Swift she could have an obsessed fan on her hands after a man claiming to be her boyfriend voluntarily told police he wanted to buy a gun to protect her.

FOX reports that an unnamed man who was brought into a New Hampshire police station on unrelated questioning, reportedly began bragging that Taylor Swift was his girlfriend. Police said he showed supposed text messages the man sent the singer after he asked how many states he could legally drive through with a concealed weapon.

When officers questioned him further, he allegedly claimed that he needed to protect Swift in Africa. Swift isn’t currently in Africa, and the man offered no explanation as why he thought she would be there. Authorities said since it’s not a crime to claim to want to protect someone with a gun, the man wasn’t arrested. Authorities did, however, reach out to Swift’s team to give warning.

In an unrelated incident last year,┬áMohammed Jaffar, an obsessed Swift fan, spent around three months prowling around Swift’s NYC condominium. According to Page Six, Jaffar somehow got on the building’s rooftop and managed to get to the singer’s door and ring her doorbell. Jaffar was eventually arrested on burglary and stalking charges, and was slapped with a restraining order, banning him from having any form of contact with the singer.

[Feature Photo: Taylor Swift via AP/Rob Grabowski/Invision]