BOMBSHELL: Marcia Clark says she has new evidence ‘Tot mom’ Casey Anthony killed daughter Caylee

Former O.J. Simpson prosecutor has set her sights on another high-profile case, and says she has new evidence implicating Casey Anthony in the murder of her toddler daughter Caylee Anthony.

Clark unveiled her new TV series Marcia Clark Investigates the First 48 at the Television Critics Association panel in Los Angeles this weekend. The series will explore the first two days of well-known crime cases, and Clark said that a discovery she made about Casey Anthony’s internet searches, an a producer on the show reportedly said the discovery “essentially proved the concept of the series.”

According to The Wrap, Clark told reporters that she found a discrepancy in a timeline published in Anthony’s defense attorney Jose Baez’s book on the case. In the book, Baez revealed that someone had used a computer in the home of Casey Anthony’s parents, where she lived at the time, to search “foolproof suffocation” at 1:51 p.m., shortly before Caylee is believed to have died.

Baez had reportedly presumed that Casey’s father George Anthony, who he said was suicidal, had performed the search. But Clark said at the TCA event that Baez got the timestamp wrong.

“We reinvestigate,” Clark told reporters.

“The program that the defense attorney’s expert used was incorrect as to the time stamp. And that it wasn’t 1:51 when the search was done, it was 2:51 — at which point we know based on cellphone pings that George Anthony was at work, he was not at home. And that the only person who was at home when ‘foolproof suffocation’ was searched for was Casey Anthony. A pretty big deal.”

 Casey Anthony was notoriously acquitted of her daughter’s murder in 2011, and the mystery surrounding Caylee Anthony’s death has never been solved. Though Casey’s parents were initially supportive of their daughter, they have appeared in recent years to question her guilt and no longer have a relationship with her.
[Feature image: Associated Press/Marcia Clark; Casey Anthony]