‘Crossbow Killer’ kills neighbor in ongoing argument over noise: Police

In one of the most bizarre murder cases in the annals of true crime, UK police launched a dragnet for a suspected killer who attacked two victims – killing one – with a medieval crossbow, purportedly sparked by an ongoing argument over noise!

The Telegraph reported that Shane Gilmer, 30, returned home from a date with his partner Laura Sugden to his Southburn village home on Friday night, when they were savagely attacked by a crossbow-wielding individual. Gilmer, 30, was killed, but his girlfriend and unborn baby survived the harrowing encounter and are reported in stable condition in a local hospital.

A medieval crossbow was recovered at the scene of the crime by investigators. Detectives promptly launched a manhunt for a neighbor they suspected was the killer – Anthony Lawrence, 55, who disappeared after the Friday attack.

According to neighbors, the young couple had been embroiled in an ongoing argument with Lawrence over noise since they moved in next door to him a few moths prior. Lawrence had repeatedly gone next door to complain about the noise and had been to their home again on Jan. 13 to complain about their loud music.

Reportedly, Lawrence had previously threatened the couple with an axe in the weeks prior to the murder.

“They were apparently being too noisy,” a neighbor who preferred to remain anonymous said. “Shane and Laura lived next door to him but hadn’t been there long. This Anthony Lawrence guy wasn’t happy about the noise. This sounds like a horror film.”

On January 14, at approximately 6 p.m., following a manhunt, DCI Stewart Miller of the Humberton Police announced that officers had found “the body of man believed to be 55-year-old Anthony Lawrence in a rural location in North Yorkshire.”

The case remains under investigation.

[Feature Photo: Shane Gilmer and Laura Sugden/Facebook]