Sports reporter who mysteriously disappeared before turning up at Chick-fil-A breaks her silence

The Texas sports reporter who was the subject of a dramatic missing person search last weekend has made a statement about the mysterious circumstances of her disappearance.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Courtney Roland, 29 vanished late last Saturday after texting her roommate that a strange man had followed her home in his car from Wal-mart. On Monday, she was spotted walking under an overpass in Houston; shortly after that, police reportedly found her in or near a Chick-fil-A restaurant, where she had gone to get a cup of water.

Authorities said in a press conference that Roland was largely unharmed but had unexplained bruises and difficulty recalling much of the previous two days. Police said they believed her confused state was the result of a bad reaction to prescription medication. They said she had been looking for her misplaced cell phone and did not realize that people were searching for her.

On Monday, Roland tweeted a statement that reiterated that prescription medication was to blame. The account is public again after the privacy settings were temporarily changed last week, as the local sports reporter’s story spread nationally.

In the message, Roland indicates she spent last week in the hospital, and did not specify what condition the prescription medication was treating.

Roland appears to be in good spirits, and says she is looking forward to getting back to work at, where she covers Texas A&M football.

[Feature image: Facebook/Courtney Roland]