‘All she thinks about is money’: ‘Black Widow killer’ on trial for allegedly drugging, poisoning elderly lovers

A bombshell murder trial has begun in the French Riviera for a woman dubbed the Black Widow killer, for allegedly romancing and then poisoning love-starved elderly men.

Yahoo News reported that Patricia Dagorn, 57, is on trial in Nice for the 2011 fatal poisoning of two men found dead on the Cote d’Azur, and the drugging of two other senior men with Valium and methadone. Prosecutors claim Dagorn sought to fill her bank coffers by wooing older men that she reportedly met through a dating agency.

“All she thinks about is money,” a court psychologist said, according the Telegraph.

Indicted on charges of “poisoning with medication,” Dagorn stands accused of killing Michel Kneffel, a man in his sixties, who had been co-habitating with the her at a live-in hotel in Nice, France. Kneffel’s corpse was discovered July 2011. While she was not charged initially, the next year, police found vials of Valium and personal documents of a string of men in her possession, including bank account details.

The alleged Black Widow killer was also charged with the 2011 murder of Francesco Filippone, 85, whose decomposing corpse was discovered in his bathtub.

Dagorn is already serving a five-year-term for theft, fraud and sequestration involving an octogenarian in the French Alps who had agreed to let her live with him in exchange for sex. The two men Dagorn is accused of poisoning, Ange Pisciotta, 82, and Robert Vaux, 91, will testify against their former lover.

Police believe she may have met at least 20 men since arriving on the French Riviera in 2011 – her dates arranged via a matchmaking agency. Law enforcement claimed that she purportedly took money from her lovers, stole legal documents and sought to be named a beneficiary in their wills.

“She was like a ray of sunshine in winter,” Vaux, a widower said. “When you are with a younger woman you know it won’t last but you don’t deny yourself the moment unless you’re a masochist.”

Vaux, who began living with the accused, in 2012, saw his health rapidly decline.

“In the week when I was in a really bad way, she wrote two letters and sent a fax to my notary asking for custody of my affairs,” the retired sailor said. “At the time, even the chemist told me: ‘Robert, you’re in danger.'”

Dagorn’s lawyer has denied all charges brought against his client.

Yet her youngest son, identified only as “Guilhem,” told local media that his mother “has always been obsessed with quick and easy money.”

[Feature Photo: Patricia Dagorn/Handout]