Newborn baby boy found abandoned on changing table in an airport restroom

Officials with the Tucson International Airport confirmed on Monday that a newborn was found inside one of the airport’s bathrooms, according to the Arizona Daily Star.

An airport employee is said to have found the infant on Sunday night, in a bathroom in the pre-security area of the airport, near the rental car counters. The baby, a little boy, was found on a changing table, wrapped up in a blanket and cleaned. First responders took the baby to a local hospital and reported him to be in healthy condition.

It’s still unclear whether the infant was born in the airport bathroom. Tucson Airport spokeswoman Jessie Butler said that airport police are currently reviewing surveillance footage.

Tucson Now reports that Chief of Public Safety John Ivanoff said the main concern at this point is to ensure the mother of the child is safe and OK.

“It only happened last night so we’re at the very beginning of trying to figure this thing out,” Ivanoff said. “My main concern is to make sure she’s OK. She’s out there, somewhere.”

Although Ivanoff reportedly indicated that the child’s mother may face criminal charges, the state of Arizona implemented the “Arizona Safe Baby Haven” law, which allows mothers to drop off unharmed babies who are under 72 hours old at on-duty fire stations, hospitals, adoption agencies, designated churches, or with an ambulance.

There are currently no signs for “Safe Baby Haven” drop-offs at the airport, but according to Paul Nathe, with Tucson Airport Fire Department, there is now talk of adding signs at Tucson International.

“So that we don’t have a repeat of last night,” Nathe explained, “Instead they can bring the child directly to us or call us, so that we can respond to them and make sure there is no break in care for the child and themselves.”

[Feature Photo: Pixabay]