Plastic surgeon shows up DRUNK to operating table: Cops

Kentucky police have arrested a plastic surgeon accused of attempting to operate on a patient while drunk, as reported by WKYT.

Dr. Theodore Gerstle, a surgeon at Lexington Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, allegedly showed up for his only surgery of the day while under the effects of alcohol, forcing medical staff to alert the authorities before he performed the operation.

When investigators arrived at the scene, they were informed that Gerstle had fled on foot after being approached by the chief medical officer. He was found several blocks away and was taken into custody, while still wearing his medical scrubs.

Ruth Ann Childers, a spokeswoman for the medical center, wrote in a statement that a thorough investigation is forthcoming.

“Patient safety is always our number one concern. This will be thoroughly investigated,” the statement read.  “We take these things very seriously and it will be thoroughly investigated.”

Gerstle was charged with public intoxication and booked into the Fayette County jail, according to records obtained by The medical center has also stated that it is severing ties with the plastic surgeon, noting that he will not be allowed to practice at the facility until the matter is resolved.

His license, however, will remain active in the Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure’s database as his case makes its way through court, as per Kentucky’s Medical Malpractice Act.

It is unclear if Gerstle has obtained legal counsel. According to his practice’s website, he is “the only Harvard-trained plastic surgeon” in Lexington, Kentucky.

[Featured Image: Lexington Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery]