Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock’s girlfriend Marilou Danley stayed at Mandalay Bay the week of the shooting: Report

New information suggests that Marilou Danley was in Las Vegas on the day of the massacre

Stephen Paddock’s girlfriend Marilou Danley was not overseas the entire week leading up to the deadly Las Vegas shooting on October 1, but in fact joined Paddock at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino three days before the gun massacre that killed 58 people, according to a source with presumed access to hotel records.

According to earlier reports, Paddock bought Danley a ticket to return to her native Philippines two weeks before the deadly massacre and she did not arrive back in the United States until October 3. But a Las Vegas-based NBC-TV reporter says he has information that Danley was with Paddock at the Mandalay Bay on September 28, meaning she must have returned from her overseas trip to see him before presumably leaving the United States again on October 1.

NBC-TV reporter Craig Fiegener said in a tweet on Wednesday that an unnamed source confirmed to him that Danley’s name was added to Paddock’s reservation on September 28, three days after FBI search warrants put her in the Philippines, and three days after Paddock checked in to the hotel alone.

Speaking on the phone to CrimeOnline, Fiegener noted that this new development does not negate the earlier verified reports that Danley was in fact traveling overseas, or at least in transit, at the time of the massacre. He said he believes that she likely boarded a plane again on Sunday October 1, though he did not reveal precisely how this timeline was formed.

The latest report puts into a new perspective a claim made by controversial “independent investigative journalist” Laura Loomer, who published a Medium post on Tuesday claiming to have a valet receipt indicating that Danley was in Las Vegas on October 1. The valet receipt shown in the post lists Marliou Danley as the hotel guest who dropped off Paddock’s Chrysler with the valet on October 1 at 12:36 p.m., with an expected pickup date of October 4.

CrimeOnline cannot verify the authenticity of the valet receipt published in Loomer’s Medium post.

On Tuesday, an attorney for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department said at a court hearing in response to a media lawsuit that charges are expected in the investigation, though he did not indicate who may be facing charges and what connection those charges have to the shooting.


[Feature image: LVMPD/Marilou Danley]