5-year-old cancer survivor dies after struck by unoccupied car outside school

A 5-year-old cancer survivor who was days away from her celebrating her first anniversary of completing chemotherapy was reportedly killed when she was crushed by an empty SUV.

According to The Toronto Star, Camila Torcato was standing with her father outside St. Raphael Catholic School, in Ontario, Canada, on Monday when the pair was struck and pinned by the driverless vehicle.

The girl’s father, Amilcar Torcato, said the hospital informed them that the little girl’s organs were failing and she was bleeding internally. She died the same evening.

Diagnosed with cancer at age three, Camila was finally healthy enough to attend school in September. CBC News reported that the 5-year-old was climbing into the family minivan when the freak accident occurred.

“Unfortunately God has taken Camila from us, having fought off cancer at 3 and yet again facing a tragic accident at 5, the only thing that we can believe is that she was a true angel,” a statement on the little girl’s GoFundMe page read.

“The people who really suffer from these type of events are the parents who have to live on without their child and they deserve all the support that they can get so they can find peace, without the financial stress that our society can create.”

The Star reported that Camila endured lung and kidney surgeries in her short life. Her father told the paper that his daughter had finished chemotherapy a year earlier.

Now, the heartbroken dad is cautioning others to be mindful when parking their cars.

“I want people to just be careful with parking the cars around schools. Make sure you stop the motor, and to not go out without stopping the motor,” Amilcar said.

“This could happen again, yesterday it was her, tomorrow, it can be another child.”

[Featured Image: Camila Torcato/GoFundMe]