‘We were supposed to be together’: Blaze Bernstein’s mom describes the last time she saw her son

The mother of slain college student Blaze Bernstein has spoken out, addressing reporters and discussing the last time she saw her son alive, as reported by New York Post.

Jeanne Pepper Bernstein spoke to Today and described her last moments with Blaze, noting that the 19-year-old had cooked dinner for the entire family on the night of January 2.

“We had the grandparents there. All of my children were together under one roof, and Blaze cooked a beautiful meal for all of us to eat,” Jeanne said.

After that dinner, however, Blaze was never seen again, having allegedly been murdered by 20-year-old Samuel Woodward, as previously reported by Crime Online.

Jeanne lamented the loss of her son in stark, heartbreaking language.

“I lost my son. I lost the most precious gift,” Jeanne said. “We were supposed to be together that day and he wasn’t in the house.”

She also said that both her and her husband, Gideon Bernstein, tried their very best to support their son throughout his experience of coming out as gay.

“We celebrated him, everything about him,” she said. “We wanted him to naturally get to a comfortable place. And he was getting there. He was on his way.”

Woodward is currently in jail. It has been noted that he went to high school with the victim, and authorities suggested that the murder could have been a hate crime after uncovering text messages between the two that indicated the suspect hit on Blaze.

[Featured Image: TODAY/screenshot]