Man rapes and tortures 63-year-old woman to death, leaves Satanic messages in her blood on the wall: Cops

A Washington man is accused of tying a Lake City mother up with Xbox cables before raping her and stabbing her to death–then lighting her on fire to cover up his crimes.

KING-TV reported that Michael Ross Giordano, 23, of Bellevue, was charged with aggravated first-degree murder in connection with the horrific slaying of Jennifer Ayers, 63. Probable cause documents obtained by the paper stated that Giordano admitted to targeting Ayers at random based on the cars outside of her home.

Giordano was arrested Monday afternoon in Seattle following reports of an assault. It was then that he allegedly confessed to entering the home through an unlocked door and carrying out the brutal murder.

“The facts here are extremely violent and disturbing,” a prosecutor told the judge.

According to KIRO, a resident in Lake City called police after seeing the 23-year-old in the street with bloodied hands and throwing credit cards into the street and into bushes. Reports indicated that the cards belonged to the victim.

Documents stated that Seattle officers who went into the Lake City residence noted that the home was ransacked, inundated with smoke, and covered in “a significant amount of blood.” Officers ultimately found Ayers bound body, which was partially on fire when they arrived, according to the station.

“The officers immediately dragged the woman out of the house and into the backyard. Once clear of the smoke, officers were able to see the woman’s hands were bound behind her back, she was only partially clothed, a large knife handle was sticking out of her right buttock, and her inner thighs and crotch had been severely burned away,” documents detailed.

“She was clearly deceased.”

Additionally, court papers indicated that the woman’s throat was slashed and she had stab wounds all over her body. Authorities note that her burning body was found feet away from a red gasoline canister.

Giordano also admitted that he wrote Satanic messages on the wall using Ayers’ blood to throw off investigators and make them believe someone with Satanic beliefs committed the murder, KING-TV reported.

SeattlePI wrote that a judge ordered Giordano to be held on $10 million bail.

[Featured Image: Jennifer Ayers/KIRO video screengrab]