Mom kills entire family and dogs before setting house on fire and turning gun on herself

A California mom is dead after killing her entire family, including three dogs, before setting the house ablaze and turning the gun on herself, as reported by USA Today.

Police told the news outlet that Teresa Mae Wilson, 68, on January 7 shot each of her family members, including husband Gary Lynn Wilson, 69, son Ellis Leroy Wilson II, 44 and daughter-in-law, Zoe Lynn Wilson, 20. The woman then turned the dog on the family dogs, killing the family’s three dogs. Finally, police records have indicated, she set the family home on fire before shooting and killing herself.

The motive remains unclear but surviving family members have told investigators that there had been “long-term tension” in the home.

Shasta County sheriff’s Sgt. Brian Jackson confirmed this account in a news release detailing specifics on this horrific series of crimes.

“Due to the tension, it is believed Teresa may have reacted and committed the acts,” he wrote.

Jackson also said they found a burned .380-caliber semi-automatic gun in Wilson’s lap, with the sheriff noting that the weapon was “known to belong to Teresa” and announcing he found shell casings at the scene.

An autopsy of the 68-year-old woman has also indicated that she was still alive as the house burned to the ground, noting the presence of smoke inhalation in her lungs. In addition to the three murdered dogs, two family cats died due to fire-based smoke inhalation, according to Detroit Free Press.

Wilson has a daughter, Ronnia Krug, who was not in the home when the incident occurred.

She posted a tribute to her family on Facebook on Monday.

“Missing my family,” she wrote. “Loving them and wanting them to be remembered as the kind, caring parents as everyone knew them as.”

Krug also wrote lovingly of her mother, saying she was her best friend for years.

“I don’t know what I would have done without her.”

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