Sister of ‘House of Horrors’ mom claims she suffered her own unimaginable childhood abuse

Following the arrest of a California couple on suspicion of torturing their 13 children, the mother’s sister has made headlines for her claims about the years of physical and emotional abuse she experienced at the hands of family members.

According to the New York Post, 41-year-old Elizabeth Flores co-wrote a book series in which she described her own childhood sexual abuse as well as watching her mother be “beaten and raped.”

In one book, she wrote that her own sexual abuse by a relative began when she was 9 years old.

“Many things I have gone through as a child have caused deep suffering … Being molested, watching my mom being beaten and raped and being abused myself as a child combined to cause the fear of people, especially men,” she wrote.

Flores appeared on ABC’s “Good Morning America” to discuss her sister, though it is unclear whether Louise Turpin — eight years her senior — experienced similar abuse as a child.

She confirmed that she lived with the Turpins for a short time about two decades ago, when the couple’s older children were young.

According to Flores, the parents at that time were “really strict,” but she said she did not “see any type of abuse.”

She said she was concerned, however, by the actions of her sister’s husband, David Turpin.

“If I went to get in the shower, he would come in while I was in there and watch me,” she said. “It was like a joke.”

Flores described being a young woman living in Texas with the family, where she did not know anybody and was being treated like one of the kids.

The sisters have reportedly not maintained regular communication since then.

David and Louise Turpin face a litany of criminal charges and are being held on $12 million bail each.

[Featured image: Louise Turpin/Riverside County Sheriff’s Department]