Jackson Browne concert target of bizarre terror threats referencing Las Vegas shooting

In a bizarre story out of West Lafayatte, Indiana, signs posted outside of church contain threats against a Jackson Browne concert in Orlando, Florida, Tuesday night.

The Journal and Courier reports that banners full of racial slurs, profanity, and misspellings were found hanging outside Unitarian Universalist Church, which hosted the Resistance Fair this weekend, an event marking President Trump’s one-year anniversary in office.

“Jackson Browne. N***er. F**. S***k lover,” read one banner.

“Die F—–s, Orlando just like Los Vegas (sic),” read another, which also included the date of January 23, when Browne is set to give a concert in Orlando.

West Lafayette Police Sgt. Jonathan Eager told CrimeOnline he interpreted the banners to be a direct reference to the deadly Las Vegas shooting massacre on October 1, though he said some witnesses believe the threats are also referencing the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando in September 2016.

“The Las Vegas shooting was during a concert,” Sgt. Eager said, though he was as mystified as anyone why Jackson Browne would be targeted specifically.

While noting that Browne is an environmental activist, Sgt. Eager acknowledged that the singer has a relatively low profile.

“You don’t see his name in the headlines leading protests,” he said.

ABC News reports that Orlando police are increasing security for the concert at Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts, and that the FBI has been notified of the threat.

“We are aware that there is a planned Jackson Browne concert Jan. 23 at the Dr. Phillips Center and there will be an increased security presence at the event,” Orlando police said in a statement obtained by the news station.

In a Facebook post, West Lafayette Mayor John Dennis condemned the hate message.

“The City of West Lafayette has been and always will be an open and welcoming community,” he wrote.

“We will not allow our embracing of all that is right to be targeted by those who feel empowered to deliver a message of hate, violence and exclusivity.”

Sgt. Eager said that West Lafayette police are taking safety precautions in the wake of the threats and seeking to identify the suspect or suspects who hung the banners.


[Feature image: Associated Press/Jackson Browne]