Monster teen stabs ex-girlfriend to death, has sex with her corpse before eating a sandwich and hanging himself: Police

Russian police are investigating the horrific deaths of a 19-year-old student and her 19-year-old ex-boyfriend, as reported by Daily Star. 

Artyom Iskhakov admitted to murdering his ex-girlfriend Tatiana Strakhova by strangling her and then stabbing her to death in a letter he wrote to her parents as he committed the foul crimes.

The letter acted as a running commentary, with Ishakov noting that he noticed Strakhova’s heart was still beating after the first stabbing, so he stabbed her again until she died. Shockingly, the 19-year-old then described having sex with the teen’s corpse and stopping to eat a sandwich before continuing his foul sex acts.

“I punched her in the face, she fell on the floor,” he wrote. “I punched her a few more times, blood started coming from her mouth, and she asked me to leave.”

“I didn’t leave, LOL, I started strangling her.”

Iskhakov wrote that he murdered her because he wanted to have sex with her and that he “got tired of listening to her ****ing explanations of why she doesn’t want to drink with me – and seeing her flirting with my friend.”

The 19-year-old graphically described murdering the young student and having sexual intercourse with her corpse.

Keep in mind, this message was intended for her parents.

“I decided to f*** her before she got cold,” he wrote. “After finishing, I realized that the heart was still beating.”

“Then I took a knife and cut her throat.”

Iskhakov is said to have slept for a few hours, continued his sexual misdeeds and then hung himself to death, writing that the gravity of what he had done had begun to sink in.

“Forgive me for taking your only child from you,” he wrote. “I loved her very much.”

“Now I can do nothing except kill myself.”

Russian authorities are still investigating the deaths.

[Featured Image: Twitter/Screenshot]