Parents commit child abuse by allowing 10-month-old infant to get down to NINE POUNDS: Cops

Utah police arrested a couple and accused them of child abuse after their infant was found to be extremely malnourished, as reported by FOX13.

Loren D. Campbell, 23, and Julia Campbell, 24, were each arrested and charged after a lengthy investigation that began in October, when the 10-month-old baby was brought to the hospital. That’s when medical staff noticed the infant was so malnourished that it weighed just nine pounds, according to a police report.

The infant weighed fifteen pounds in August, just three months before it had to be rushed to Primary Children’s Hospital for emergency treatment for malnourishment, that same police report has indicated.

Medical records noted the baby “as severely malnourished” and had a “developmental delay” and cited a “concern for neglect,” notes that were confirmed by Salt Lake’s District Attorney Sam Gill, according to News4Utah.

“The medical opinion was this child continued to be malnourished and was in a trajectory of decline and that this child was in physical danger,” he said.

Julia, however, denied the allegations in an interview she conducted with News4Utah, claiming that the infant would not keep any formula down.

“I understand because of the way things look because she was so tiny,” she said. “Everything we gave her she was spitting up all her formula. Everything we gave her she was spitting up.”

Though the couple’s case is currently making its way through Utah’s legal system, Julia also told reporters that the baby’s weight has increased since October, bouncing back to 15 pounds.

“She’s doing good,” she said. “Her weight’s going up.”

Police have not released information as to possible motive.

[Featured Image: Magna Police Department/ABC4/screenshot]