Beloved model found dismembered, decapitated in car trunk: Police

The dismembered and decapitated remains of an Oregon woman were discovered Thursday stuffed inside suitcases within the trunk of a car, the Oregonian reports.

Authorities in Aloha, Ore., say the victim is 28-year-old Sara Zghoul. Police got a tip on Thursday about the possibility of a homicide, according to the newspaper. In the course of the investigation, officers found a black BMW that was abandoned that contained the remains.

Investigators later that day captured a suspect near a ravine, according to KPTV. That person, whose identity has not yet been released, reportedly slashed his wrists and throat in a suicide attempt. He survived and is in police custody.

Michael Larson, who lives near the crime scene, told the television station that he could see the man from his balcony. The man was in the woods and screaming for help, which prompted Larson to call 911.

“It was really cold and rainy, and he’s just sitting out there leaning against a tree,” Larsen said.

Social media accounts indicate that Zghoul had a young son and that she worked in the creative industry as a model, voice artist and actress, according to the newspaper.

The Oregonian cited one Instagram post that reads, “I don’t know how my story will end but nowhere in the text will it read ‘I gave up.’ Life gets better if you want it to. And I love mine.”

Gregory McKelvey was raised in the same neighborhood as Zghoul and knew her. He told the television station that she was “known for being a great person and she touched so many people.”

“It felt like she knew everyone and losing her is a big loss for the community,” he said.

Another friend, Natasha Thomas, told the newspaper that Zghoul was loving and giving.

“Sara was funny, kind and a great mother,” she said. “She was the kind of person to give you the shirt off her back. Even in rough times, she was grateful.”

Police so far have not commented about the case because it remains pending. It was not clear Saturday what motive the suspect would have for killing Zghoul.

[Feature Photo: Sara Zghoul/Handout]