Reporter races to Kentucky school shooting, finds out gunman is her son: Report

A Kentucky reporter and mother raced to the scene of a school shooting in rural Benton to learn that her 15-year-old son was the gunman.

The Courier Journal reports that the editor of Marshall County Daily Online rushed to Marshall County High School Tuesday morning after hearing reports of the shooting. Her co-worker Ann Beckett told the Courier Journal that the editor, Mary Garrison Minyard, learned that her son Gabe Parker was behind the shooting, which killed two of his classmates and injured 18 more. Beckett reportedly took over the story from Minyard who had planned to cover it.

Bailey Holt and Preston Cope, both 15, were killed in the shooting.

Authorities have not made an official confirmation of the suspect’s identity, but numerous local media outlets have reported that gunman is 15-year-old Gabe Parker, a shy sophomore why played trombone in the school band. Some sources have reportedly said he was bullied in school, but the motive remains unclear.

Minyard is reportedly a well-respected journalist in the area. She declined to comment when the Courier Journal approached her at home.

The suspect is in custody, and may be tried as an adult.



[Feature image: Associated Press]