Goldman family launches latest legal move to get money from OJ Simpson

The father Ron Goldman has attempted a legal gambit against O.J. Simpson in a desperate attempt to make the sports superstar pay up some of what he owes from the 1994 civil suit case, in which he received a wrongful death judgment, as reported by CBS News

Fred Goldman and his attorney David Cook asked a Los Angeles Superior Court judge on Tuesday to force Simpson to relinquish future money he makes from celebrity appearances or the autographing of sports memorabilia, an attempt to make a dent in the civil suit settlement, which has ballooned to $70 million.

“Mr. Simpson has sought to subvert this wrongful death judgment by his abject refusal to pay, much less accept personal responsibility,” Cook said, according to court transcripts.

Simpson’s attorney, Ronald Slates, dismissed the move, writing in court papers that Goldman and Cook have “attempted to drag Mr. Simpson into court every time they hear a rumor, see something on television, or read in an internet news posting, a mere vague allegation involving Mr. Simpson’s commercial exploitation of himself.”

The elder Goldman has attempted to get Simpson to make good on the civil suit settlement for decades, to no avail, settling instead on filing a lawsuit that attempted to impede him from making money off of big-name interviews, on the grounds that these interviews would include mention of his dead son, as previously reported by CrimeOnline.

Fred Goldman’s attempts to garner money from Simpson, however, haven’t been entirely fruitless. He convinced a court to allot him some of the football star’s assets, including money made from Simpson’s bizarre book “If I Did It,” in which he did not admit to killing Ron Goldman and Nicole Simpson, but detailed how he would have done it, given the chance.

Simpson served nine years in a Las Vegas prison, after being convicted for armed robbery and assault with a weapon He was released in October.

[Featured Image: Las Vegas Police Department]