Beautiful wife and mother mysteriously disappears for two years before her body is discovered – now the husband has been arrested for her murder

Cops: “Hopefully we’ll be able to bring justice to Elizabeth and her family.”

Authorities have arrested a man accused of killing his wife, who was found dead in 2016 after her disappearance about two years earlier.

According to KNSD, 32-year-old Matthew Sullivan, a former member of the U.S. Navy, was arrested Wednesday morning by police in Wyoming, Delaware.

His wife, 31-year-old Elizabeth Sullivan, was reported missing in 2014. Reports indicate Matthew Sullivan called police the night of her disappearance, claiming that she was “going to frame him and have him arrested.”

The husband reportedly also told dispatchers she wrecked the family’s home, making a mess of the residence before she went missing.

Earlier in the year, Elizabeth Sullivan reportedly made her own 911 call, describing a history of violence, specifically immediately prior to the call as they allegedly argued over custody of their two young daughters during an impending separation.

Her final communication with family and friends came in a text message on Oct. 13 of that year, after which time her cellphone was turned off. She was last seen alive on the same day, walking near her home in San Diego, as NBC News reported.

The woman’s body was found near the same location in the San Diego Bay two years later. It is unclear from available reports where her body was during the intervening period.

According to San Diego Police Lt. Mike Holden, police from his agency participated alongside Delaware authorities in arresting the suspect. He said investigators are confident they have the man responsible for the crime.

“We have the right person,” Holden said. “We’re happy to bring someone into custody and get the judicial process going. Hopefully we’ll be able to bring justice to Elizabeth and her family.”

[Featured image: Elizabeth Sullivan/San Diego Police Department]