Two sisters accused of spanking, beating a toddler boy to death with a bat get bond

Two women accused of beating a little boy to death who ate a cupcake were indicted on murder charges on Tues. morning inside a Fulton County courtroom.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Lashirley Morris (pictured left) and Glenndria Morris (pictured right) were given $200,000 surety bonds apiece in connection with the death of Kejuan Mason, a boy beaten to death in an Atlanta apartment last year on Oct. 21. Georgia law requires that any suspect charged with a crime must be indicted within 90 days of the arrest. If not, the court must grant bond.

According to court documents, Lashirley Morris is accused of beating the boy in the arms, head, legs, and stomach with a baseball bat after he ate a cupcake without her permission. The beating left Kejuan with numerous injuries that ultimately killed him. A Fulton County Medical Examiner indicated that Kejuan passed away from blunt force trauma to his torso area and head.

During initial questioning, police reported that Glenndria Morris changed her story several times. At first she claimed that Kejuan choked on a cupcake and first responders took too long to arrive to their apartment. Later she said the boy began choking on a cupcake but was “fine breathing and talking later,” so she put him down for a nap. She said he didn’t respond when she tried to wake him up later.

Kejuan and his twin brother lived in Glenndria’s apartment with her after their biological mother was arrested last year for reckless conduct. Georgia Department of Family and Children’s Services (DCFS) records indicate that the mother, Geraldine Mason, abused her children and had extreme temper issues. In turn, when Mason was released from jail, the boys stayed in the care of Glenndria Morris, who acted as their legal guardian and godmother.

Mason was granted permission to visit her sons and noticed that they had cuts and bruises. The suspect told Morris that the injuries were from the boys horsing around. Morris didn’t buy the story. On Oct. 18, 2017, she asked a Fulton County judge to remove the kids from the home. The request was denied. Three days later, Kejuan was beaten to death.

CBS46 reports that while LaShirley Morris allegedly beat the little boy with a bat, Glenndria Morris reportedly used her hand to spank him.

As of Thursday, both suspects remain behind bars facing charges of murder, aggravated assault, and cruelty to children charges. If convicted, they could face up to life in prison.

[Feature Photo: Lashirley Morris and Glenndria Morris/Police Handout]