Murdered Toronto billionaire cousin says he fantasized about decapitating Barry Sherman; ‘roll his head down the parking lot’

The cousin of a wealthy Toronto couple found murdered in their mansion in December said in a television appearance that he had fantasized about decapitating his cousin Barry Sherman and claimed Barry asked him to help him kill his wife, Honey Sherman.

The Shermans were found hanged by the railing of their indoor pool in December 15, and just over a week ago Toronto authorities confirmed that both Barry and Honey had been murdered. No suspects or persons of interest have been named in the investigation.

Barry Sherman, reportedly worth over $3 billion at the time of his death, grew his massive wealth as founder and chairman of the pharmaceutical manufacturer Apotex. Sherman reportedly got his start when he inherited his late uncle’s pharmaceutical company, and had been in an ongoing dispute with his uncle’s heirs over their demands for a bigger stake in Apotex.

According to CBC News, Sherman’s cousin Kerry Winter appeared on the CBC news program the Fifth Estate on Friday, claiming that he wanted to hurt Barry Sherman’s legacy. Winter is among Sherman’s relatives who feel that they deserve a larger slice of Apotex’s profits. Instead, a judge ordered the cousins to pay Sherman back $8 million in addition to covering hundreds of thousands of dollars in Sherman’s legal costs.

“I was betrayed. My cousin hurt me, and now I want to hurt him,” Winter reportedly told The Fifth Estate.

Winter admitted on the show that he had spoken to his psychiatrist about homicidal fantasies involving Sherman.

“I would talk about killing Barry, and it was very graphic,” Winter said in the interview.

“He would come out of the parking lot of Apotex, and I’d be hiding behind a car, and I’d just decapitate him. I wanted to roll his head down the parking lot, and I’d sit there and wait for the police.”

Winter said that while he “had reasons to lash out to do the dirty deed,” he had no involvement in the murder and had no idea who was responsible.

He also accused Sherman of having homicidal tendencies of his own, and claimed his cousin once asked him to kill Honey Sherman.

“He said, ‘I want you to whack my wife,'” Winter claimed in the interview, but said Sherman eventually backed out, after Winter reminded him of the consequences.

Winter agreed to take a polygraph on the show to test the murder-for-hire claim. He failed the test, and declined to take a polygraph about the double murders.

Authorities have said they believe the Shermans were targeted.



[Feature image: Associated Press/Sherman home]