Black Lives Matter leader who snatched Confederate flag from protester on live TV shot dead in ‘random act of violence’: Report

A Black Lives Matter leader from Charleston, South Carolina, was reportedly fatally shot in New Orleans, Louisiana, early Tuesday.

The New Orleans Advocate reported that Muhiyidin Elamin Moye, 32, who went by Muhiyidin d’Baha, was found at around 1:25 a.m. after being shot in the leg while riding his bike. He was transported to the hospital, where he died later that morning, according to police spokesman Beau Tidwell.

Moye’s niece, Camille Weaver, said on a GoFundMe page for his funeral expenses that the activist died from excessive blood loss.

Tidwell said in a preliminary statement that information about a suspect or a motive was not known at that time. However, a social media post by someone said to have been a friend of Moye’s claimed the activist fell victim to a “random act of violence,” the newspaper reported.

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Moye made headlines last year after he was seen leaping over caution tape and snatching a Confederate flag from a protester during a live television broadcast in downtown Charleston. As CrimeOnline previously reported, members of the South Carolina’s Secessionist Party were protesting an event for Bree Newsome. Newsome also made headlines in 2015 when she was arrested for tearing down the Statehouse’s Confederate battle flag.

Moye was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and malicious injury for the February 2017 incident. Local reports indicated that local activists raised money to bail him out of jail.

“Our family is beyond appreciative for the outpouring of love and support we’ve received today,” Weaver said.

“Moya was a light and he will shine forever.”

[Featured Image: Muhiyidin Elamin Moye/GoFundMe]