‘I did this for me because I needed this healing’: Backstreet Boy Nick Carter’s rape accuser files official police report

Former teen pop singer Melissa Schuman, who announced via a blog post last year that Backstreet Boys singer Nick Carter reportedly sexually assaulted her, filed a police report against him at the Santa Monica Police Department in California on Wednesday.

People reports that the Santa Monica Police Department didn’t disclose the name of the person who filed the report against Carter, but according to a tweet she posted the same day on Twitter, Schuman acknowledged that she indeed filed against the singer.

In Nov., Schuman wrote in a blog post that Carter forced her into having sex with him at his apartment in 2000. She said she wanted to file charges against him at the time, but her manager persuaded her against it after telling her she didn’t have the money to defend herself against Carter’s “powerful” litigator.

“I’d actually confided in my manager at that time about pressing charges,” Schuman wrote. “And I was told that [Carter] had the most powerful litigator in the country and that I didn’t have the money to pay for an attorney to essentially defend me, if he were to come after me.”

Schuman wrote that her manager also told her that bringing incident into the public eye would essentially ruin her singing career, which had only recently gotten off ground in 2000.

Carter has maintained his innocence after learning of the accusation, claiming that the sexual encounter he had with Schuman was consensual.

“I am shocked and saddened by Ms. Schuman’s accusations. Melissa never expressed to me while we were together or at any time since that anything we did was not consensual. We went on to record a song and perform together, and I was always respectful and supportive of Melissa both personally and professionally.”

Schuman pointed out that she didn’t come forward with the accusation in an attempt to get Carter’s money. Instead, she said it was something she held in for a long time, but with many others coming out during the #MeToo movement, she was inspired and given the strength and courage to share her story.

“I was empowered to share my story because of the brave women who shared their stories before me.”

The story continues to develop. Check back with CrimeOnline as additional details become available.

[Feature Photo: Nick Carter via AP/Rob Latour/Invision, File]