‘We trusted him:’ Mom of one of Larry Nassar’s victims was in same room while he molested her daughter under a sheet

A mom of one of disgraced gymnastics coach Larry Nassar’s many victims has stated she was in the room while he examined her daughter, and that she initially thought he may have been molesting her, as reported by Indy Star. 

Kristen Chatman wrote of her experience with Nassar in an op-ed titled “I am a mom who was in the exam room while Dr. Larry Nassar treated my daughter.”

Chatman described a horrific scenario in which Nassar conducted his “examination,” at first describing what brought her and her daughter, Chloe Myers, to the child molesting doctor in the first place.

“She had extreme back pain – to the point that it was difficult to walk. So of course, we called Larry. There was no other option in our minds. He was world-renowned. THE gymnastics doctor,” she wrote. “We trusted him implicitly.”

At first, Chatman wrote, Nassar was extremely helpful, successfully diagnosing the cause of her daughter’s pain and giving treatment options.

It wasn’t long, however, before these treatments took a dark turn.

“She was fully covered – even wearing running shorts. I, unlike others, don’t remember him ‘blocking’ my view, but since she was covered, I was unaware of what he was doing under the sheet,” she wrote. “After he was done, he washed his hands and I remember thinking ‘Did he just do what I think he did? Where are his gloves?’ I immediately dismissed the thoughts as there must have been some good reason.”

“This was Larry after all. No need to question him. I trusted him. We all trusted him.”

Chatman heartbreakingly described how her family’s inherent trust in Nassar was manipulated, all so he could molest her daughter.

“That trust was manipulated. It was twisted and contorted for Larry’s benefit. We, the parents, unknowingly entrusted our most precious daughters to someone, who on the surface looked like a lamb, but was really a wolf in sheep’s clothing,” she wrote.

She ended the letter with a plea to armchair parents.

Chatman pleaded with folks who would accuse the parents of Nassar’s victims of just sitting around and letting the abuse happen.

“So as one of the parents in the room, I beg you to reconsider sharing your blame and shame opinions. To consider for a minute, wwhat if it was you?’ I can promise you. You would have done the same thing,” she wrote.

As previously reported by CrimeOnline, Nassar was found guilty and received 40 to 125 years behind bars.

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