Hero store clerk foils kidnapping after victim silently mouths ‘help’ from vehicle: Cops

Florida police have arrested a man on suspicion of kidnapping after his alleged victim managed to organize her own rescue by mouthing the word “help” to a store clerk, as reported by Fox News. 

Jose Ramos Sandoval was taken into custody on Sunday after he is alleged to have kidnapped an unidentified woman, offering her a ride home from a bar before apprehending her, a police report indicated.

Sandoval, however, is alleged to have stopped at local convenience store at around 1 a.m. That’s when the alleged victim made her move, silently mouthing the word “help” to a store employee as she sat in the vehicle.

“She felt as if mouthing ‘help’ to the Kangaroo employee was her only chance of escape,” a police official stated.

The store clerk thought she recognized the alleged victim and took her plea for help seriously. She called 911 and provided a description of the vehicle. Sandoval sped away “recklessly,” according to a police report, but it wasn’t long before officers caught up to him and placed him under arrest, rescuing the woman in the process, according to CBS 47.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office took to social media to thank the store clerk and to tell readers that sometimes an ordinary person can help stop a crime.

“Getting involved makes a difference,” they wrote. “We can’t thank you enough.”

Police say Sandoval admitted his role in the kidnapping. He was arrested on charges of false imprisonment, fleeing police and violation of probation.

[Featured Image: Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office]