Teen girls rob home, murder parakeets and smear dead birds’ blood on cabinets: Report

Two North Carolina teen girls are facing numerous charges after they were arrested for a violent home invasion on Super Bowl Sunday.

According to WITN, Jordan Ruiz, 18, of Albertson, and Hallie Pate, 17, of Kinston, were arrested on Thursday after investigators linked them to a February 4 burglary that left two house pets dead.

The teens are accused of breaking into a home while the woman who lived there was at a Super Bowl party, and killing her two parakeets before setting a vehicle on fire. Mack Price, who owns the house where his daughter lives, told the news station that Ruiz and Pate smeared blood from the murdered parakeets on cabinets in the home, and poured lighter fluid throughout the residence.

The teens allegedly robbed medical inhalers and an Xbox One gaming system. Police told the news station that the girls had sold the stolen property and the investigators were able to trace it back to them when they located it.

Pate and Ruiz are now facing a dozen charges, which include larceny, breaking and entering,  breaking and entering a motor vehicle, and felony cruelty to animals. Each of the teen suspects is reportedly being held on $50,000 bond.


[Feature image: Lenore County Sheriff/Hallie Pate and Jordan Ruiz]